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Quick news hit: Stila Japan officially dead

Wp_spring200802 Musings of a Muse has reported that Stila is gone in Japan.  I'm not sure whether to feel sad or relieved.  While I loved Stila's Japan-exclusive items, they were extremely hard for someone in the U.S. to obtain and expensive to boot.  So while I will always cherish the items I have from there and will miss the adorable desktop wallpaper they had at their site,  it's sort of a relief not to feel pressured to track down those items anymore!

Incidentally, I was looking at the image that accompanied their good-bye message  (via Muse) and I swear the Stila girl is copied from a Gap ad.  Her stance, vest and especially the bag all seem rather uncannily similar to the Gap's spring 2009 promotion pic:

Stila japan gap Gap bag
(photos from and

 This  same Stila girl is currently at the homepage of the U.S. website, where she accompanies a feature on Stila employee picks - the only difference is that she has a pink shirt and blue pants.  It's a great look, but it's a shame they didn't come up with something more original.  It could just be a coincidence, of course, but...I have my doubts.  Let's hope Stila regains its footing both financially and creatively.

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