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News updates: Green packaging roundup

Cosmetics Design has reported some interesting new developments in eco-friendly packaging and technology. 

  • Taxing new plastic to increase the use of recycled materials.  The cost of using "virgin" plastic is much lower than using recycled materials, so there's little financial incentive for cosmetic companies to use them.  However, if they were taxed companies might be more likely to use recycled plastic.

  • New bioplastic.  Mirel is a new kind of bioplastic superior to the older versions due to its increased resistance to heat and better processability.  This means that it functions as well as traditional plastic containers, but with a much smaller carbon footprint.

  • Dupont packaging award.  The article doesn't mention which company won the award, so I'm assuming this is a brand new development, but in any case I think it's great that a big company will recognize the use of sustainable packaging that doesn't negatively impact the look or protection of the product.

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