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Friday Fun: authentic retro lip balms

U.K.-based Andrea Garland has created a lovely line of natural skin care and lip balms.  It's great that the products themselves are natural, but the packaging is the real showstopper here - not only is it adorable, it's also recycled!  Garland takes used pill boxes and fills them with her balms (after sterilizing the boxes, of course!) And you can send the boxes back to her for a refill when you've used up the balm. The designs range from retro to glamourous to downright cutesy:

Retro andrea garland

Glam andrea garland

Cute andrea garland

(all photos from

The retro ones in particular remind of on10's cute lip balm tins featuring Hershey's chocolate, 7UP or Schweppes, which I've posted about before.  But Garland's are even better since they're refillable and recycled!

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