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Couture Monday: Chanel Fleurs Célestes

Chanel fleurs I do hope this lovely palette is available in the U.S.  eventually.  The Chanel fall 2009 collection has just been released here, but no sign of this beauty.  I came across it at the Glossy Kiss blog and now I must have it. 

According to Glossy Kiss, 
the collection is "inspired by the noble and elegant spirit of the pure white floral designs in Chanel's spring 2009 haute couture collection."  Naturally I had to check out the collection to see if there were any flowers and lots of white.  And indeed there was!  This palette definitely represents the styles that came down the runway - lots of fresh, romantic pieces with tons of roses, camelias, and leaf details.  The flowers on the palette look just like this model's headpiece (which, incidentally, was made entirely out of paper):


Or the collar on this jacket:

(photos from and

I think this is one the most gorgeous couture collections I've ever seen.  Now I need to get my hands on the palette that matches it!

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