Under the sea: Chantecaille Protected Paradise palettes
Perfect hexagon of the honeycomb: MAC Honey Light powder

Fierce factor: MAC Style Warriors collection

This collection was released back in May, but fortunately I waited until MAC had a Friends and Family 25% off sale to procure some items.   I was also greatly inspired by the African art collection I saw last weekend at the BMA.  "Everything from Lipglass to Beauty Powder Blush exotically packaged to liberate the animal spirit of Woman, Wild Things and Style Warriors everywhere."  I'll say.  There are the usual animal prints, but MAC takes up a notch by adding silver designs that look  like those found in African art.


The pattern on the lipgloss in particular looks strikingly similar to the one on this plank mask from Burkina Faso:

African mask
(photo from uiowa.edu)

I'm guessing the packaging designers at MAC just got lucky, but it's possible they actually did look at some African art in coming up with this pattern.  In any case, the packaging definitely represents the collection, which is always a good thing in the Curator's eyes. 

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