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Everything's coming up roses: The Body Shop's spring collection

Exposing the overlooked: Public Collectors

I found this site via New Curator a few weeks ago, and I was massively impressed with the concept.  "Public Collectors is founded upon the concern that there are many types of cultural artifacts that public libraries, museums and other institutions and archives either do not collect or do not make freely accessible.  Public Collectors asks individuals that have had the luxury to amass, organize, and inventory these materials to help reverse this lack by making their collections public."  In other words, it's a great opportunity for collectors to exhibit and share their items  with the world, objects that might be overlooked by museums and galleries.  You can access inventories and selected photos from the collections, and if geography allows and the collector is willing, you can meet them in person to see their some or all of their collection firsthand. 
I spoke to Marc Fischer, who runs the site, and he kindly agreed to put the Makeup Museum up! Check out the complete MM inventory and select photos.  A big thanks to Marc!

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