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Everything's coming up roses: The Body Shop's spring collection

In addition to the rose-patterned offerings by Prescriptives and MAC this spring, the Body Shop has hopped on this floral bandwagon and came out with its own rose collection.  Here are the blushes and a lipstick (there were 3 lipsticks total, and all had a light rose scent.)

Rose blush and lipstick

The eye shadow and a blush stick:

Rose es blush stick
(photos from thebodyshop-usa.com)

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  while I'm always happy to see designs on makeup (I do think they deserve a museum, after all), I'm getting a bit tired of roses.  Especially for spring - with all the lovely flowers available during the season, I think companies could definitely come up with something besides roses.  How about a peony or tulip-inspired collection?   Oh well.  To liven things up a bit I've decided to present a little dose of art featuring roses.

Salvador Dalí's Meditative Rose (1958):

(image from theartistsalvadoredali.com)

Cy Twombly's The Rose ("IV" of four paintings, 2008):

 Cy twombly rose 4 

And here they are installed at the Gagosian Gallery:

Cy twombly (images from gagosian.com)

Let's hope we see a different floral motif next spring!

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