Friday Fun: Too-Faced Quickie Chronicles
Here comes the...eyeshadow? Stila June Bride palettes

Couture Monday: Armani Sienna Minerals bronzing palette

A324_L I was a little disappointed in this palette, especially after seeing the spring offering, but I do appreciate the different colors and texture of it.  While most makeup brands are pushing a beached-based bronze look (and Armani does do this somewhat with its Mediterranean palette), I feel this bronzer represents a departure from the usual advertising.  The texture and reddish-brown tint evokes a dry, desert landscape instead of a beach - something you'd wear out West to the canyons of New Mexico, rather than, say, the islands of the Caribbean.   While I'm guessing the overall effect of the product is essentially the same as other bronzers, I like that Armani offered a different approach and representation for a summer staple (a staple for us pale people, anyway!) 

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