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AfficheBainetMiroir It just goes to show I'm not totally crazy - here is a bona fide exhibition about beauty and cosmetics!  Via Art History Newsletter, I learned that the Musée National de la Renaissance in Ecouen, France, presents Le Bain et le Miroir:  Soins du corps et cosmétiques à la Renaissance.  Alas, I cannot understand French and the website doesn't have an English option, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with beauty and cosmetics.  From what I can gather (did you know Google has a translation function?), included are combs, perfumes, mirrors and I believe even some makeup.  There are also paintings and sculptures depicting ideal Renaissance beauty to put these objects in context.  The exhibition is in conjunction with another exhibit focusing on beauty in from antiquity to the Middle Ages at the Cluny Museum.  What's really amazing about that one is that L'Oreal analyzed the cosmetics to understand their composition.  How cool would it be to research what people used back then for makeup?
L'Oreal is also partially funding the exhibition..I'm thinking I should get in touch with them to see if they want to have a contemporary beauty exhibit stateside.  :)

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