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Couture Monday: Givenchy's passage to India

The makeup artistic director for Givenchy, Nicolas Degennes, created an India-inspired theme for the line's spring/summer 2009 collection.  While at first I thought the colors didn't have much to do with India, an interview with Degennes for Vanity Fair explained his thoughtful construction of the collection.   "The must-have products re-interpret the radiance of Indian saris, with Precious Sari Glitter Eyeshadow and Sari Glow Iridescent Blush, while Magic Kajal Eye Pencil Intense Look beautifies the eyes with a stroke of bewitching black. Adorned with bindis, the cases take refinement to the extreme, featuring mirrors and applicators that evoke the opulent decorative style of India...The Bollywood vision of the sari, embroidered with mirrors and gold, evolved into Precious Sari Glitter Eyeshadows in Maharani Silver and Maharani Gold. The refined architecture and colors of Jaipur Palace were my inspiration for Sari Glow luminous cheek powder. Orange for the earth, omnipresent in all its shades and variations, is captured in Maharani Orange. For a touch of sweetness and demure femininity, there is Maharani Pink. Earth and henna are so much a part of India, and inspired Rouge Interdit Lip Colors in Maharani Rose and Maharani Henna."  Judging from this interview, there seems to have been a lot of consideration going into the collection in terms of color selection, which makes the Curator happy.  But what about the packaging?  

(photo from

Compared to the elephant-embossed compact Lancôme released last fall for their Indian-themed collection, Givenchy's packaging is definitely more subtle, with a delicate pattern adorning the edges of each product.  I liked that you can tell it's India-inspired without it hitting you over the head.  Another thumbs-up for the latest creation from Degennes!

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