Friday Fun: More Barbie!
Estee Lauder's spring fling

Smashbox Artist palette

Methinks Smashbox and/or Vogue magazine was reading my blog post on Shu's fall collection a few months back, where I surmised that it would be pretty cool if a makeup company came out with Pollock-esque paint-splattered compacts.   Look what Smashbox has released:

Smashbox artist 

The interior:

Muse inside

The rest of the collection:

Muse face

Sb muse

(photos from

And the accompanying Vogue blurb (which appeared in the February 2009 issue), complete with a picture of Pollock just as my post included:

Pollock vogue

I'm glad to see that Vogue recognizes that the line between art and makeup is getting increasingly blurred, which is what I've been trying to convince people of for years!


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