Going against the grain: Smashbox's Mother Earth palette
Laura Mercier Gilded Garden shimmer bloc

More flowery goodness from Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe has released its cheery spring collection entitled "Ingenue", consisting of two palettes and two lipsticks.  The concept:  "You have long anticipated the arrival of spring.  It is the stage where your dreams will come to life.  Where you will come to life.  Performing like the heroine in an old Hollywood movie...innocent and delicate, with a coquettish air of sexiness.  And perhaps a frisson of passion?  Become a super-starlet - immerse yourself in the role with touches of colour on eyes, lips and fingertips...you will be the leading lady for spring." "Our fresh-faced colours, textures and shades have transformed you into a picture of youthful grace and vivacity...with some innocent experimentation and some flawless rehearsals, you will take centre stage as this season's most stunning ingenue."

The Starlet palette:

Spring 09 palette

Spring 09 palette inside

And the lipsticks, Backstage and Opening Night:

Spring 09 ls

I love that the print on one of the lipsticks is the same as the one on this romper from the summer 2009 lineup:


Even more interesting is the descriptions provided for each piece in the collection.  Maybe I'm just getting old, but I don't seem to remember a concept/description for each individual item, only for the collection as a whole.  In any case, each palette and lipstick had its own little story, which I thought was great.

Pj lipstick 09

Palettes 09

Anyway, overall I think this collection is well thought-out with a likeable concept.  The idea of that one could feel like a fresh-faced "ingenue" with these products is very suitable for spring.  Okay, plus the packaging is pretty and sweet...that's always what draws me in! 
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