Going out with a bang...
Couture Monday: Chanel's 2009 spring palette

Spring Museum update

As the Beatles would say, it's been a long cold lonely winter.  But spring is officially here!  It's still chilly here and the Curator is still not feeling up to snuff, but decided to keep up this exercise in futility.  I've joined the American Association of Museums with an individual membership, and will be talking to some staff there about getting the museum up and running!  While it most likely will never come to fruition, the blog will still be in existence.  Also, the graphic designer that I am using has hired someone to work on the museum's logo.  Hopefully I will have some samples to post soon and will rely on you, dear reader, to help me choose the winner.

So stay tuned...I will be catching up on all the lovely items that were released during my hibernation.  :)

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