Couture Monday: Lancôme and Louboutin
Vintage glam: Bésame

Holiday exhibition

It's that time of year and the Curator has just finished the holiday installation at the physical Makeup Museum (a.k.a. the apartment.)  Here is the main exhibition:

Holiday 08 main exhibition 

Close-ups of some of the shelves:

Detail holiday 08

Armani Black Gem palette with a friend:

Armani black gem holiday

Stila girls all decked out for holiday parties, hanging out with some more friends:

Stila friends 08

MAC Antiquitease postcard and Guerlain gold meteorites:

Antiquitease holiday 08 

 Auxillary exhibition in the office:

Holiday 08 office

Armani's latest palette with a holiday Stila can:

Stila can armani 08

Benefit party girl
I didn't do a second auxillary exhibition in the hallway as I did for the fall installation - still need more holiday/wintery-looking items to do that!   But I do think that what I've done is undeniably festive.  :)
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