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Couture Monday: Crystal smackdown

Time for a good old-fashioned palette smackdown!  Two makeup companies are duking it out to see who can come up with the best use of crystals on their holiday offerings. 


In the right corner we have Armani's crystal palette, featuring a single vertical line of Swarovski crystals:

Armani crystal 08

And the interior of the palette:

Crystal 08 open

In the other corner we have Dior's Night Diamond powder, which has much bigger crystals, but that cannot boast the Swarovski name:
Night diamond

So who do you think did crystals better?  Will Armani's simple, understated design beat out the flashier use of faux gems by Dior?  Or will Dior's more geometric pattern, ingeniously borrowed from a pair of the company's sunglasses, crush his competitor?   You can determine the winner - cast your vote in the comments section!
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