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Couture Monday: Dior Night Diamond powder

P224713_hero The glitz and glamour of the holiday season are fast approaching, so today I'm looking at the oh-so-sparkly Night Diamond palette by Dior.  Adorned in big clear crystals, the sparkliness continues on the interior of the palette - it's filled with a glowy highlighting powder that will come in handy for all those fancy holiday parties.  
I have to admit that at first glance I didn't think this was anything special, particularly after I saw it in person.  It just looked like a compact with a lot of overly large cheap fake crystals glued onto it, making it seem, dare I say, a bit tacky.  The compact is apparently inspired by Dior's "On the Rocks" sunglasses collection, which features the same crystals on the stems of the glasses (see photo below).  But I was pleased to see that the concept behind one of Dior's fashion accessories was carried over into the makeup line of the brand, since Dior can be hit or miss when it comes to articulating their vision clearly in cosmetics.  While these big faux gems don't appeal to me personally (which is why I'm still debating purchasing it for the Museum), Dior made a very fitting choice in grafting the crystals from their sunglasses onto a palette that's being marketed for the holiday season.  

Dior on the rocks
(photo from amazon.com)
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