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Vibrating mascaras: gimmick or groundbreaking?

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So instead of looking at pretty packaging and today, I'll be examining the more technological side of cosmetic design.   Estee Lauder released its Turbo Lash mascara in July, while Lancome has just released its Oscillation mascara.  "Feel the buzz, as the gently vibrating LashSonic Brush™ with micro-pulse bristles works its magic, moving rapidly through lashes...the motion brush keeps lashes clump-free," reads the copy for Turbo Lash.  And according to Lancome, "the actions of the oscillating brush that moves with 7,000 vibrations per minute, organizes and evenly coats the lashes with an ultrafine formula designed specifically for the product."  

Sounds pretty cool, right?  But does this really work better than the usual stable mascara wand or is it just a pricey marketing gimmick?   Despite the hefty price tag I'm itching to try one of these to compare it to its non-moving counterparts to see if it's really superior.   On the other hand I have a feeling this is just another marketing ploy - there are some great mascaras out there already, and I see this as more of a short-lived fad rather than something that will permanently take hold.   

In any case, if anyone has tried these latest marvels of technology, post your comments below! 

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