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Friday Fun: Flower Power

Stila and CanCam magazine

Stila Japan collaborated with CanCam magazine to create a limited-edition collection in honor of the magazine's 25th anniversary.  It includes a lip glaze, makeup pouch and palette.  The palette and bag feature a Stila girl holding a copy of CanCam magazine.  I especially love the way the girl's gingham skirt becomes the print on the bag, as well as the adorable miniature red pom-poms on the zipper.

Camcam pouch

And here's the palette:

Cancam palette 

Since the palette is a rare item (at least in the U.S.) I've taken a shot of the shadows and blush:


Inside flash cancam

I was curious about the publication itself and found this on Wikipedia:  "Its name derives from 'I Can Campus', because girls who read it are expected to become 'campus leaders'. The magazine was created for these fashion-conscious consumers, and offers the latest information on fashion, makeup, bags, accessories, etc. The magazine is a popular fashion resource to 1st and 2nd year office ladies as well as university students."  This is also Stila's main demographic (although I think the line is great for older women too!) so it makes sense that they teamed up with CanCam. 
I like that Stila is still doing product tie-ins, even though they're in a country outside of the U.S...they need to do more here!
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