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Paul & Joe Holiday 2008 collection

I was really looking forward to Paul & Joe's holiday collection this year, but I was disappointed, at least with the packaging.  The collection includes three new lipsticks, along with a makeup bag containing lipstick and gloss.  

Paul joe holiday 08 (photo from
The bag is adorable, but it recycles a print that was used in the "Flea Market in Paris" collection a few years ago.  I like the shiny gold flower adorning the lipstick tubes (shiny and gold are always great for the holidays!) but in the end, it's just their signature flower, and it's repeated in all 3 lipsticks in the collection.
I guess I'm disappointed because makeup companies usually pull out all the stops for their holiday collections - the season encourages them to come out with their most innovative, sometimes over-the-top packaging and designs, and usually Paul & Joe comes through and delivers some really neat packaging.  Not this year though.  Still, the Curator is a bit relieved as it's one less collection for the Museum to procure, and there are plenty of other interesting items just around the corner!
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