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Friday Fun: Trick or Treat!

As much as I loved dressing up for Halloween as a kid, my favorite part was stuffing myself full of delicious candy, especially chocolate.  So in honor of Halloween and my nostalgia for chocolate Halloween treats, I'm looking at a treat for your lips - on10's Hershey's Milk Chocolate lip balm. 

On10 hersheys

The retro packaging is adorable, and of course I love the dead-on chocolate scent.  While the product has its good points (it's made from organic ingredients and has SPF 15), it's not what I would consider a heavy-duty lip balm.  If your lips are seriously chapped this won't do much, as the texture is thin and it wears off relatively quickly.  But I still think it could come in handy under lipstick, and, come on, it smells like chocolate and has cute packaging.  That's enough for me.  :)

Happy Halloween!

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