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Friday Fun: Flower Power

No, this isn't yet another post on Cargo's PlantLove line.  I'm talking about Vincent Longo's Flower eye shadow trios.  P222312_heroI'm almost certain the company had released these trios previously, but I can't find any evidence other than this review at Sephora's website (it's on the second page of reviews, the one called "Repromote of an Old Collection".)  If I recall correctly they were sold individually and not in a set.  In any case, I thought they were great then and I still think they're cute now.  The vibrant colors work well with the hippie-looking flower shape.  I'm not sure why the company decided to launch these, as Vincent Longo isn't really known for doing interesting patterns or packaging, but it's always  nice to see a company branch out with design.  The shadows do look like they might be a bit difficult to use - I imagine one's brush would pick up more than one color at a time.   This is not a problem, of course, if you're like me and only want to buy them to look at them! 

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