Shu Fall 2008 collection: representing instinct
Friday Fun: Cargo Plant Love lipsticks

Upcoming releases!

Just wanted to share the dirt on some really cool items that are coming out soon! According to Specktra, MAC is partnering with Indian designer Manish Arora to create a limited edition collection, which will be released on October 9th.  Specktra has posted some pictures of the goods already and they look totally amazing to this collector's eye. 

And, word on the street (or rather alley, as in Makeup Alley), is that Chantecaille will be releasing two palettes for the holidays, one for eyes and one for cheeks.  They will be similar to the summer 2008 Protected Paradise palettes, but will have a "Save the Bengal Tiger" theme, and, as you might have guessed, some beautiful tigers embossed on them.  I am officially on the prowl for these and will pounce on my prey as soon as they are released.

So I will sit and try to wait patiently to add these to the collection, but it will be hard! 

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