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Possible acquisitions: Urban Decay

A brand that I've never paid much attention to, Urban Decay, has been coming out with great packaging in the past few years.  I'm not sure why the line never really grabbed my attention, given my love of all things rocker/punk (their tagline is "beauty with an edge" - how did I miss that?!) but in any case, their designs are definitely catching my eye now.  I'm especially fond of the Deluxe eye shadows - each has a different image:


And some of their palettes:

Palettes (all photos from

I'm also interested in the brand because they don't test on animals and even have some vegan items.  Sadly, some of my collection contains items produced by companies that still test on animals (L'Oreal being the biggest offender, although lately they've been trying out alternative testing methods), so it would be nice to have more collectibles without feeling guilty about them. 

Now, before I can embark on the massive (read: expensive) undertaking of acquiring all these objects, I will have to present them to the Museum's "Advisory Committee", who will vet each object and make sure it is worthy of the collection.  The Committee consists of five distinguished scholars and academic leaders.

From left to right:  Dr. Babo, Professor of Cookies and Chair of the Committee; Sailor Babo, Curator of Nautical Objects; Babo's Bird, Associate Professor of Crumbs, Dr. Jeero, Professor of Snacks; and Icebat, scholar of all things cold.

Advisory committee

In my experience they've always approved everything I've set before them...provided there are a lot of cookies and other snacks on hand!  If you'd like to learn more about the Committee members' backgrounds, click here.  :)

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