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Lancôme's Elephant powder: fit for a queen

Lancôme has released its fall collection:  "Inspired by the rich colors of India, from the raw earth browns to the intensely vibrant reds, plums and oranges reminiscent of Indian dyes, Maharani Jewels brings back artistry to Lancôme collections."  The star of the lineup is the Sun of India bronzing powder, a golden shimmery powder embossed with a rearing elephant wearing a brilliant red cover on its back.

Lancome elephant

It reminds me a tiny bit of this painting by Théodore Géricault:

(photo from

Of course, 19th-century French Romanticism doesn't have anything to do with a 21st-century bronzer, but I find it interesting that Lancôme chose to have the elephant standing on two legs rather than four, since the placement and stance of the elephant doesn't affect the application of the product.  In any case, I'm thoroughly enjoying the sumptuousness and richness of the colors as well as the detailing surrounding the elephant. Hopefully Lancôme will delve more fully into elaborate palette designs.

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