Paul & Joe Fall 2008 collection
Couture Monday: Yves Saint Laurent Fauve palette

Friday Fun: Tokidoki for Smashbox

Graphic artist and creator of Tokidoki, Simone Legno, collaborated with Smashbox in the spring of 2007 and came up with a whimsical, playful collection for the company.  All of the limited-edition items featured Tokidoki's signature illustrations as well as Italian names such as Bella (the cream blush stick), Stellina (the mirror outfitted with small silver stars) and Modella (one of the eye shadow palettes.)  In this way it fuses Japanese and Italian cultures. 

Here's the Modella eye shadow quad:

Here's the compact opened - a nice little surprise awaits on the lower-left corner of the mirror:

1 "Designs Reveal Artist's Personality", Nadine Kam, January 11, 2007.  To watch an interview with Legno, click here.

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