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Another new Shu cleansing oil

Oops, they did it again!  That is, Shu Uemura has released a new advanced formula cleansing oil, and in honor of its launch created a limited-edition, Asia-exclusive bottle.  It's not clear when the advanced formula will hit the States.  But what's bothering me more than that uncertainty is the fact that I don't know if an artist collaborated on the bottle's design.  

Shu advanced oil

It's impossible to tell whether this is something the company has come up with or if an outside artist was brought in.  (As mentioned earlier, Shu has a history of working with artists on designs for the cleansing oil bottles.)  I'm guessing this is something the company did itself since there's no mention of an artist on the bottle or box. 

The abstract flourish is reminiscent of this painting by Franz Kline:

Kline chief(photo from

I think it's fitting that Shu chose an abstract design for this product.  The idea of a product having a new "advanced" formula is difficult to express visually, so a simple abstract brushstroke in silver works well in terms of signaling the release of a new and improved product.

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