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Name: Hillary (she/her)

Location: Baltimore, MD, United States

Qualifications and Objectives:
Although I lack a Ph.D., I think my degrees in art history and cultural studies make me qualified to be the "curator" of a collection of cosmetics with unique designs and packaging as well as cultural significance. As such I have declared myself the Pat McGrath Senior Curator of Cosmetic Artifacts, a highly sought-after endowed curatorship. (Kidding, obviously.) My goal is to have people see makeup items and application beyond their utilitarian purpose, to learn about the art, design, and history behind them. What Valerie Steele did for fashion, I want to do for makeup: make it a legitimate field of study and ensure there's a place for it in museums. I am also committed to preserving the history of cosmetics, telling the story of makeup and its impact on society through objects, styles and ads, and analyzing our current beauty culture. Particular focus is given to previously unknown or little-known about histories.


design, art history, pop culture, cosmetics, feminism/women's studies, the '90s, punk and Riot Grrrl (both the music and the subcultures)