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Name: Hillary

Location: Baltimore, MD, United States

Qualifications and Objectives:
Although I lack a Ph.D., I think my degrees in art history and cultural studies make me qualified to be the "curator" of a collection of cosmetics with unique designs and packaging. As such I have declared myself the Jeanine Lobell Senior Curator of Cosmetic Artifacts, a highly sought-after endowed curatorship. (Kidding, obviously.) My goal is to have people see makeup items not just as things to be applied, but also as art objects. What Valerie Steele did for fashion, I want to do for beauty - make it a legitimate field of study and ensure there's a place for it in museums. I'm also interested in the history of cosmetics and beauty culture. Vintage items are not my forte, but I'm working on it!

While my focus is collectible makeup for display purposes, I do have an extensive collection of non-collectible makeup that I actually use. The Product Reviews section can attest to this. :)


design, art history, pop culture, cosmetics, feminism/women's studies, the '90s, punk and Riot Grrrl (both the music and the subcultures)