Dolce & Gabbana

Couture Monday: D & G's new line

Italian couturiers Dolce & Gabbana have created their own line of cosmetics.  They've already ventured into fragrances, so it was just a matter of time before they developed a makeup line.  The line took ten years to create, and the designers recruited world-famous makeup artist Pat McGrath to help develop the products. The campaign ads, featuring a very sexy and sultry Scarlett Johannson, reflect the concept behind the line.  According to Allure magazine (April 2009, p. 62) the goal is "to play up a woman's sex appeal".  

The ads show Johannson modeling two looks: a slightly retro one with red lips and nails and a more modern one with smokey eyes and nude lips.

Sj dg red lips

Sj dg smoky
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I think they did an excellent job reflecting the line in the ad campaign.   I noticed that the corset/bustier is very similar to this D & G dress:

Dg bustier dress
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As for the collection itself, the packaging consists of pale gold - fitting considering the duo's love of the metal (many of their pieces include gold touches, and the pair even owns a restaurant called Gold.)  

Dg makeup
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The product names also correspond to the designers' oeuvre.  "We decided to call some of the products with the names of some important objects for us and for our brand...For instance, Stromboli -- from the turbulent landscape of Stromboli's charred, glistening black sand, one of our favorite isles...Dahlia -- the flower we love most or Ruby -- our favorite stone," stated Dolce


The designers seem to be very hands-on in the development of their line, which comes through in all aspects - marketing, packaging and product line-up.   This is somewhat rare for a couture house, as most of the time the makeup is distinct from the fashion and usually doesn't represent the overall feel of the brand, so I'm happy to see how well D & G's style is reflected in their cosmetics thus far.