Cute and creepy packaging finds, round 2

Today's post highlights two recent collections that once again show the enormous range in makeup packaging design.  As I did last time, I'll start with the cute.  

Both Adrienne at The Sunday Girl and Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog reviewed these Clinique travel bags that are currently being sold exclusively at duty-free stores, so that means I will not be getting my greedy little paws on them (which sucks as I really need two of them for the fall exhibition.)  Each bag is not only adorably illustrated with motifs of a given city - New York, Paris, Hong Kong, and London - but are also filled with the best-selling products from each city.  That's a pretty genius concept and one that also yields a truly useful makeup set.  I so rarely buy sets or even palettes because I know I won't use everything in them, but when a company offers its top-selling products in a variety of colorways in amazingly cute packaging, it's a home run.  I'd use every product in these bags (well, maybe not the Chubby Sticks as I have...issues with their name) and of course the bags are purchase-worthy on their own given the illustrations.

Clinique travel box - New York

Clinique travel box - Hong Kong

Clinique travel box - London

Clinique travel box - Paris(images from

I doubt Clinique hired an outside artist to create the illustrations, but whoever made them did a fantastic job.  I could also see these working on stationery - wouldn't they make great wrapping paper? 

Now on to some creepy (to me, anyway) packaging.  Chic Profile posted this Estée Lauder gift with purchase for edgy store Opening Ceremony.  You know I love quirky, weird fashion and makeup and I actually enjoy browsing Opening Ceremony on occasion, but this was decidedly off-putting to me.  Not to mention the fact that you'd have to spend $500 to get the gift.  Then again, given Opening Ceremony's inventory that wouldn't be difficult to do.

Estée Lauder Opening Ceremony gift with purchase(image from

Something about those disembodied hands grasping each other into infinity just creeps me out.  Sort of reminds me of a more fashion-forward version of a horror movie where zombie hands rise up from graves grabbing at the living.  A rather ugly shade of orange is used for the flesh of the arms, making them look burned, while the nails are blue, further heightening the dead hand effect.  I love blue nail polish but here I think it looks corpse-like given the overall design.  I mean I realize the blue is the same shade as the background, but they should have chosen a different color scheme.  I still don't like the pattern in black and white, but it's not as bad.  It's also worth pointing out that the disembodied hand is par for the course for Opening Ceremony, so it's not completely out of left field.  It was even the star motif for their fall 2014 collection, inspired by Belgian folklore. I guess I just don't like it in any context.  I especially don't like it in these colors, and I don't think it's a suitable print for a makeup tie-in.

Thoughts on these pieces from Clinique and Estée?  Are they as disparate as they seem to me?

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do...

No April Fool's jokes here today,  just some spring prettiness from Clinique.  Daisies are the most cheerful flowers besides sunflowers - you just can't be sad while looking at them, especially when they come in such bright colors.  (Unsurprisingly, daisies and sunflowers belong to the same general family of flowers.)  I picked up Berry Pop and Peach Pop.





As I did last year with Elizabeth Arden's sunflower palettes, I'm providing a brief round-up of daisies in art.  Unfortunately I can't give any commentary, as none of these works were given any significant scholarly exploration (online, anyway), but generally speaking, daisies are considered a symbol of innocence and purity

The Bouquet of Daisies by Jean Francois Millet:

(image from

Winslow Homer, Girl and Daisies, 1878:

(image from

Vincent Van Gogh, Red Poppies and Daisies, 1890:

(image from

Theodore Robinson, In a Daisy Field, 1884:

(image from

Charles Demuth, Daisies, 1925:

(image from

Georgia O'Keeffe, Yellow Hickory Leaves with Daisy, 1928:

(image from

Henri Matisse, Daisies, 1939:

(image from

Marc Chagall, Lovers and Daisies, 1949-1959:

(image from

Andy Warhol, Daisy, c. 1982:

(images from and

I wish I had something more meaningful to say, but sometimes it's nice to just sit back and enjoy pretty things, be it makeup or paintings, rather than analyzing them. 

Will you be picking up any daisies, in blush form or actual flower form?  I received a lovely bouquet of gerberas over the weekend, which is probably why I ended up posting on this subject today. :)

Fresh-squeezed: Clinique Juiced Up spring collection

Clinique's summer collection is already out, but I didn't want their juicy spring collection slipping through the cracks!  I like that Clinique did something spring-like without using any type of flower.  Indeed, fresh fruit is very springy!

Here is the Fresh-Picked Pears eye shadow:


And Fresh Picked Berry:

There was also a blush palette, Mixed Berries:

I failed to buy it as I decided Museum funds could be spent elsewhere *cough MAC To the Beach collection cough cough*.  ;)  While the designs on these aren't all that complex, it was refreshing to see something other than flowers for a spring collection. 

Clinique Fresh Bloom palettes

The Curator is positively chomping at the bit for spring to start - oh, how I despise the winter - so I figured I'd share these Fresh Bloom palettes by Clinique.  I loved the pretty floral design so much I got them all immediately when they were released in spring 2007.  They were limited edition for a while, but the demand became so great Clinique made them part of their regular line.  

Cliniquefresh bloom

Another got released in the fall of 2008, Blackberry Bloom (sorry it's a separate picture from the others - I was too lazy to retake them all together!):


And there is also a Bamboo Pink one released last summer, which sadly I am missing.  I need to get my hands on it to complete the collection!

Clinique bamboo
(image from

Hurry up spring!