Curator's Corner, 5/13/2018
No shrinking violet: Erdem for NARS

A donation for the ages

Wow!  I am seriously overwhelmed by the enormous generosity displayed by a long-term Museum supporter and fellow blogger, Mag from Makeup Stash.  It all started with an innocent remark I made on Mag's Instagram page about some old MAC paint tubes.  She graciously offered to send me the ones she had since they were going to be thrown out anyway...but ended up decluttering a lot more, as you'll see.  One woman's trash is another's treasure, so I happily accepted all of the other goodies she offered up to me, completely for free!!  How awesome is that?

Donation from Makeup Stash

First up are the items that started this amazing donation: MAC paint tubes.  I was so sad that I threw mine out, as they'd be excellent for a makeup-as-literal-art exhibition (along with Chanel Les Gouaches, which I'm still kicking myself over for getting rid of).

MAC paint tubes

These eyeshadow trios from Japanese brand Kesalan Patheran were huge in the early aughts.  I'm very pleased to have these cult items join the Museum's collection.

Kesalan Patheran eye shadow trios

Ditto for these eyeshadow quads from Ed Pinaud and Lise Watier.  The Ed Pinaud is a particularly great addition to the Museum given the company's long history.

Ed Pinaude and Lise Watier

I'm in love with these palettes from Tokidoki.  In one of my very first blog posts I talked about how cute the Smashbox collab was, so when I saw Tokidoki was releasing its own line at Sephora in 2010 I was ecstatic.  The line was truly a flash in the pan, lasting only 2 years, but its short-lived nature was actually intentional.  Unfortunately during those two years I never budgeted to pick up anything from it, so I'm deliriously happy to have some items now.  These three palettes came from The Robbery set, showing Tokidoki's signature characters engaging in naughty hijinks. 

Tokidoki Robbery palettes

How adorable are these Anna Sui goodies?  The floral eyeshadow is from the fall 2010 Kaleidoscope of Color collection, while the heart-shaped eyeshadow is from summer 2014.

Anna Sui makeup

Anna Sui makeup

Some other recent treasures Mag bestowed upon the Museum include Shu Uemura's Fuchsia Fusion palette (2013), YSL Flower Crush palette (2014) and Etude House's Berry Delicious palette (2016). 

Shu Uemura Fuchsia Fusion

YSL Flower Crush

Etude House Berry Delicious

But honestly, my favorite part of this donation (or any donation, really) was this incredibly sweet handwritten note.  I've received others and they mean so much.


I know I get pretty down about makeup companies and museums not paying any attention to this little blog of mine, and it's things like this that help keep me going.  In addition to all of the nice comments and emails I get, donations are a way of people showing me that they think the Museum is a worthwhile project.

I'm positively overjoyed at all of these wonderful additions to the collection!  Do you have any favorites?  Big huge thanks again to Mag, I still can't believe her generosity!












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Tokidoki! And the Museum is more than worthwhile. It's a magical space, colourful and articulate.

MM Curator

The Tokidoki palettes are just adorable!! And thank you for saying the Museum is magical - that's what I always envisioned for it!!
Thanks so much for reading and commenting, as always!!

Cheryl Farah

Your instgram was a recent find for me. It led me to your blog, and I am so thrilled to be here. I am not sure how I found you on instagram, because I went down the rabbit hole of your posts and completely lost track of time and the world in general.
Your copious research, knowledge and collection are absolutely amazing. I thought I had an insane collection and archive of makeup produced during my lifetime and before it, but it pales in comparison to the museum.
But even better than the products you photograph is the knowledge you share. I will frankly admit that I don't spend time researching the background of my things, and since I truly have a terrible memory, a good bit of what I might have known is lost.
You can't imagine how much I have enjoyed reading your posts. I have learned so much about things that I have and have (unfortunately) been re-inspired to hunt down and find things I have missed. In recent years, largely due to a favorite youtuber (tarababyz- who seems also to have been largely ignored by most major companies as well) I have been inspired to use more of my things rather than just hoard them. But seeing the history you have preserved has made me feel a little better about the ones I can't bare to destroy by using.
I am reading a bit slowly. I've been stopping for frequent hunts through my drawers and boxes and to chase down more information and pictures about the artists you mention. So I haven't gotten back very far in the posts. I've only made it back to the Pai Pai dog post which of course will necessitate a hunt for products from that line - the major drawback to reading this blog. It's definitely feeding my madness.
I read the post about your frustration with the Museum and its progress. It made me feel truly sick on your behalf. To pour so much into something and be met so many roadblocks has be truly awful. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. Whether or not you keep going, I will treasure every word you have written and every bit of knowledge you have imparted. I have no doubt I will read every single post. I have already dipped back into ones about products I own more than once.
You might not be making a huge splash in the internet at large, but you have brought this reader a lot of joy, and I'm probably only about 30 posts in.
This turned out to be a rather long winded thank you.

MM Curator

Hello Cheryl! I must thank YOU for reading and for taking the time to write such an incredibly sweet comment. You have no idea how much I appreciate your words, I actually got a little teary! I'm so happy to hear that you find the Museum interesting and that it's re-sparked your love of collecting makeup. I hope I can continue to deliver content you enjoy (or at least some eye candy!) Thank you so much for reading and again for commenting, it means more than you know!

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