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Spring 2018 sneak peek: Paul & Joe

As you know, I'm not a fan of cold, dark days so I'm definitely over the 2018 winter season.  With that in mind I thought I'd look forward to some springtime cheerfulness courtesy of Paul & Joe.  While the theme of "April in Paris" is a bit generic and repetitive (see their 2005 spring collection), I do like that they returned to including some text about the collection.

"When the cherry blossoms burst into bloom
along with horse chestnut flowers on the Champs-Elysees
and the leaves are bedewed with springtime rain,
All the colors of the city become more intense and alive with the sparkle of spring.
It’s Paris in April, bursting with color and light.
Listen to your favorite song and enjoy a walk out into town
Paris in springtime is the most beautiful place in the world!"

Paul & Joe spring 2018

I can't say these eye shadows would be very practical - you might get 1 or 2 uses out of them - but the record-shaped packaging is simply adorable.  (And right on trend, as music-inspired makeup seems to be having a moment.)

Paul & Joe spring 2018

Paul & Joe spring 2018

The cat print on the left is borrowed from the Paul & Joe Sister spring 2018 collection, while the other two prints in this set are from the '70s-inspired resort 2018 collection.  I must say I like these two prints better on makeup packaging than clothing.

Paul & Joe spring 2018

Paul & Joe Sister spring 2018

Paul & Joe resort 2018

Paul & Joe resort 2018

The only print I couldn't identify out of the six was this one on the left.  But the style looks quite similar to one of the pop-up palettes from the spring 2016 collection. The other two in this set are from the Sister spring 2018 collection.  You would think disembodied cat heads would be a little creepy, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Paul & Joe founder/designer and cat lady extraordinaire Sophie Mechaly. That woman really knows her way around a cat pattern!

Paul & Joe spring 2018

Paul & Joe Sister spring 2018

Paul & Joe Sister spring 2018
(images from vogue, paulandjoe.us, and nordstrom)

What's interesting about April in Paris is that it doesn't borrow any prints from the regular Paul & Joe spring 2018 collection, just the resort and Sister lines.  Perhaps they were trying to go with a more playful vibe.  In any case, I didn't think this was anything earth-shattering, but solid and Museum-worthy nevertheless. 

Thoughts?  Did you get anything from this collection?




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I won't be getting anything, but the packaging for the eyeshadow is so cute! I've been really into records lately, so I jump on anything records-related.

MM Curator

Hi! The packaging really is adorable. I want to see whether any vintage compacts are record-shaped now!
Thank you so much for stopping by!!

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