Curator's Corner, 1/21/2018
Spring 2018 sneak peek: Paul & Joe

Quick blog note

Somee-cardHello, if you're still out there!  Not that anyone is waiting with bated breath to see where I've been, but I figured I'd give a brief update.  My absence was, unfortunately, not the planned blogging break I intended to have, but what I'm suspecting was the flu.  And if it wasn't, it was easily the worst cold I've ever had.  I'm starting to feel better after a week of praying for death, so hopefully I'll be back to blogging in a few days.  Thanks for staying with me. :)  (And get your damn flu shot!)


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I'd stick around for anyone who knows how to spell "bated" correctly!

MM Curator

Haha, thank you!! :D

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