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MM Mailbag: fab four

Curator's Corner, 5/14/2017

CC logoHello and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!  If you're not a mom I hope you're having a lovely Sunday.  Unfortunately I am not...our living situation has not improved so we continue to actively look for new Museum headquarters, my 3rd chemical peel went badly (resulted in scabby, oozing wounds, which didn't occur with the first 2 peels - no idea what happened this time), and work has really picked up and will be busy till the end of June.  So things might get a little quiet around here since work stress and house hunting = me having no energy/time left to blog.  Anyway, I'll do my best to keep posting.  And to stop complaining.  ;)

- Here's a nice little read on cosmetics and personal hygiene products in ancient Egypt

- It's always surprising to me how little the cosmetics industry is regulated, which is why I was intrigued by this new bill

- And now for the crazy fads from the past 2 weeks:  pizza slice, "shine line" and mother-of-pearl hair are having a moment, brow art continues full speed ahead, and I have to say I'm digging this new eye makeup trend, remarkably impractical though it is.

- Racked highlights the growing population of recovering makeup addicts.  I can't say I'll ever be a part of their group, but it's good to know they're there.  (I was actually aware of the Makeup Rehab reddit previously since the Museum's very first in-person visitor is a member and told me all about it.)

- I've had my issues with Dove's campaigns before, but this is a new level of dumb.  Equally stupid is this new lipstick "hack" - an easier, more accurate way to determine what a lipstick will actually look like on your lips (and for you to see whether it's flattering) is swatching it on your fingertips.  Finally, when will it end??

The random:

- In '90s nostalgia, the frontman of one of the decade's most prominent bands finished his Ph.D.  I was also super excited about the new season of Twin Peaks...until I read this article indicating that at least 3 characters aren't coming back.  (Two of these absences are due to the fact that the actors who played them have passed away since the show's original run - so sad!)

- A little art history fun.  Also, if this can get funding, surely my museum can.

- Makeup Museum staff's worst nightmare.

- LOL.

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What a great discovery! Stumbled across this blog while looking for info on old Stila packaging—"Didn't I own the Kitten shadow when I was a teen? Didn't it come in a silver cardboard pot with a pull-off lid? That can't be right!—and found your Stila trio post from Jan. 2016. Then I happened to notice your recommended lists and spotted Ariel Levy, Susan Faludi, and some agriculture/nutrition-related books which I've admittedly only seen in movie-form (but hopefully you've had a chance to read The Omnivore's Dilemma?). Also, art, music blogs, snarky news media, the greater DC metro area . . . I'm now somewhat convinced we'd be friends if the internet were actual life and I were magically not awkward. Kusama-viewing (hopefully one of us made it in, by which I mean I didn't) and Sephora-browsing by day, feminist quips and Wonkette "read me!"s by text, Mary Timony at Metro Gallery or Black Cat. Look forward to reading more! — Intersectional Feminist and Holder of Women's Studies Degree, Art Enthusiast, Patron of Many Music Clubs (But Now I Feel Old and Tired), Makeup Junkie, Moderately Confused By New Bikini Kill vs. Old Bikini Kill

MM Curator

Hello and thank you for the kind words! You must be my twin - I agree we could be friends in real life if it wasn't for my crippling social anxiety, LOL! Glad you're liking the blog and I'm happy to have found someone with basically all the same interests! (And it was a good reminder to maybe think about reviewing/updating all those links I have on the side, oops). Thanks so much for commenting!!

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