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Curator's Corner, 3/5/2017

Celebrating 15 years of Paul & Joe beauty, part 1

Hello, March!  As it is the first day of the month in which spring supposedly will arrive, I thought I'd share Paul & Joe's spring 2017 collection.  Consider this part 1 of a 2-part celebration of the beauty brand's 15-year anniversary (not to be confused with the Paul & Joe fashion line's 20-year anniversary, which occurred last year).  The summer collection will have yet more cat-shaped goodies so that will be part 2.  ;)  But first, the spring items.

Paul & Joe spring 2017

These face color powders are too cute, as usual.  I believe the cat print with the red background appeared previously on nail polish boxes from the spring 2012 collection.  And do you not love the cat in glasses?!

Paul & Joe spring 2017

The cat design on the powders is also borrowed from the spring 2012 collection, only this time there's the addition of hearts.

Paul & Joe spring 2017

It's always in the details with Paul & Joe.  All of their collections are pretty and/or adorable, but it's the little things like this puff that make them stand out.  It's soft but I don't know how practical it would be to apply blush or highlighter.  I do know that it's just precious.

Paul & Joe spring 2017

I need more cat-shaped lipsticks like I need a hole in the head, but here we are.

Paul & Joe spring 2017 lipsticks

The patterns on the lipstick cases are from the spring fashion collection.  PJ at A Touch of Blusher has amazing descriptions of them so I'll just direct you to her site since I can't describe them nearly as well!  I didn't purchase the accompanying square compact cases since they have the same prints, especially since I'm not actually using them anyway.  I figured the lipstick cases were enough from a collectible standpoint.  Eh, who knows, I'll probably cave and get them later. ;)

Paul & Joe spring 2017 lipstick cases

Paul & Joe spring 2017

Paul & Joe spring 2017

The bird print was from the Paul & Joe Sister line; the other 2 are from the regular Paul & Joe women's collection.

Paul & Joe Sister spring 2017

Paul & Joe spring 2017

Paul & Joe spring 2017(images from paulandjoe.com)

While I was working on this post some Museum staff members wandered in, as they tend to do (they like to keep me company while I blog) and got into a little mischief.

En garde!

Well, at least they're not eating them, right?

Overall I thought Paul & Joe did a great job.  Not quite as outstanding as some previous collections, mind you, but they provided the usual eye candy, and it was definitely Museum-worthy and appropriate for spring.  What do you think?



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