Celebrating 15 years of Paul & Joe beauty, part 1
Friday fun: Julie Verhoeven for Marc Jacobs

Curator's Corner, 3/5/2017

CC logoA very long overdue Curator's Corner. 

- Not exactly the hardest-hitting piece on beauty, but I was so honored to be quoted in this Slate article!  More thought-provoking was this article in The Atlantic.

- Is Kanye trolling us or what?  He will have some competition though, what with Rhianna, Lisa Frank and the girl who coined "on fleek" all starting their own lines. 

- I'd love to get my hands on these delectable Starbucks-inspired bath bombs but I'm afraid Museum staff would eat them.

- A sobering reminder that glitter isn't always fun.  And speaking of knowing where your makeup is coming from, try to buy from a trusted retailer! (I admit I'm guilty of going the ebay route myself sometimes.)

- Not really understanding this "snogging" lipstick trend (a.k.a. "lollipop" lips), it just looks like some horrible allergic reaction. But I'm on board with the neon eye.

- I've always wanted to write a thorough post on the history of fake beauty marks, but Racked beat me to it.

- I guess partnering with a fragrance company wasn't good enough for Hasbro, who is now seeking to trademark the scent of Play-Doh.  Is there really that much demand for a perfume that smells like clay?!

- Hygge beauty is the new athleisure beauty.

The random:

- Started watching Desus and Mero about a month ago and I'm loving it.  Actually, I'm loving pretty much all of Viceland's programming...although perhaps I should stop watching Needles and Pins, since it makes want to get some gigantic tattoo that I know I'll regret eventually. 

- In '90s nostalgia, check out this oral history of TV show Daria, which turned 20 last week.  Also, ultimate supervixen Shirley Manson and the rest of Garbage will be releasing an autobiography.

- Another reminder to please, for the love of God, be alert when taking a museum selfie

- Speaking of museums, I had a delightful time at the BMA yesterday seeing the Guerilla Girls exhibition.  Sailor Babo wanted some cultural enrichment too so we took him along.  You can see his adventures here.  :)

How have you been?













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