Curator's Corner, 12/18/2016
MM Holiday 2016/Winter 2017 Exhibition

Marcel Wanders for Cosme Decorte 2016

I was so pleased to see the latest product of the wonderful partnership between Cosme Decorte and Marcel Wanders.  I really hope it never ends!

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact

This year's theme is "the Wandering Grace," yet another variation on Wanders' previous fairy/nymph stories.  This one is a little more detailed than what we've seen before.  From the interior of the box:  "For many nights, a young muse dreamt of traveling beyond the bounds of her home. She sang a wistful song of farewell to the surrounding flowers and trees that had provided her comfort. The curious spirit crafted a strikingly beautiful purse to collect all the wondrous treasures she would find on her journey. Reaching the edge of the forest, her eyes grew wide with amazement at the open expanse. Into valleys and over hills, crossing rivers and along the shores of the sea, a song of joy from the muse swept through vast cities and unimaginable landscapes. As the grace wandered across the world, she discovered breathtaking nature, lively new cultures, and learned a great many things. Her dream had come true and her purse became filled to the brim.”

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact box

The compact is a lovely rendition of Wanders' signature fanciful patterns.  Instead of ceramic, metal or plastic, which we saw in previous years, the 2016 compact gets a fresh update with a faux-leather case adorned with embroidered scrolls and flowers.  (At least, I think it's faux leather - it might be real but I have no idea how the embroidery would get stitched onto real leather.)

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 compact powder

As usual I wanted to see whether the pattern on the outer case had anything to do with Wanders' work.  It's not a 100% match, but the flowers and botanical scrolls look very similar to his recent collection of furniture and toys for "child mobility brand" Cybex.

Cybex by Marcel Wanders Parents collection chair

Cybex by Marcel Wanders Parents collection

Cybex by Marcel Wanders Parents collection chair(images from

I also noticed that the promo image for the Cosme Decorte compact feature Wanders' "Eden Queen" rug pattern, which debuted at the Salone de Mobile in April 2015.

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 promo

Marcel Wanders Cosme Decorte 2016 promo(images from

Marcel Wanders Eden Queen rug
(image from

So that's interesting and all, but what does it have to do with the compact's design?  Well, another reason I suspect the patterns on the compact case are directly related to Wanders' Cybex collection, besides their obvious resemblance, is the fact that the Eden Queen rug was installed in the showroom for the collection.

Cybex by Marcel Wanders Parents collection

Cybex by Marcel Wanders Parents collection(images from and

Purely speculation on my part, but this rug tie-in may be further proof that the design on the compact was modified slightly from those on the Cybex collection. 

In any case, I liked the 2016 compact more than last year's, but still not as much as 2013's bell design. ;)  What do you think?



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I love this. I just received it from They charge for shipping but I received it in a few days. Id give anything to be able to find the bell shaped powder. On a totally unrelated note, have you ever ordered anything from Imomoko that was a pre order? I ordered the Suqqu christmas and RMK base set. Both were preorders and they said shipping no later than 12/15. They still don't have it in stock and Im getting concerned. I don't want to lose my money


Wow, beautiful. You've opened my eyes to objects I didn't know existed -- and now want!


I can't take my eyes off the rug. I want it. No I need it!

The 2013 compact is also stunning. I have always loved pure white designs. Mother of pearl. But I do like this needlework design. The Wandering Grace/Nymph reminds me of Virgo :)

As usual I appreciate your thorough attention to detail and the scholarly level of your posts. I do so enjoy your research into the backgrounds and related works. You are one smart (Princess) cookie (face).

MM Curator

Hi Anahita, glad you're enjoying this powder too! I've never done a pre-order with Imomoko but I've never had any issues with them either - their shipping is very slow compared to Everglow and Ichibankao, but you should get your order eventually. I'd contact their customer service if you haven't already and just ask if it's going to ship soon. Sorry you're having a problem with them! :(

MM Curator

Hi Ally! I know, I'm good at making people covet makeup items...but it's not necessarily a bad thing if it makes your vanity prettier, right?! Thanks so much for reading!!

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