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Fall 2016 haul

One of a kind? Armani fall 2016 runway palette

The past two runway-based palettes from Armani did nothing for me, but their fall 2016 one called my name.  It's especially odd given that I'm generally not a fan of floral prints, and I'd never wear any of what came down the Armani runway this season.  I also think the print itself reads very spring rather than fall, given the delicate, watercolor-esque pastel hues.  However, this palette seemed to be a little more tied into the clothing than in the past 2 seasons.  The other unusual aspect is that the pattern seems to differ on each palette.  Let's take a closer look.

As with previous runway palettes, it comes with a luxurious tulle pouch, and the outer case is decked out in fabric too.  While gorgeous, I don't think it would hold up well in one's makeup bag.

Armani fall 2016 runway palette

Armani fall 2016 runway palette

Armani fall 2016 runway palette

Armani fall 2016 runway palette

The top tier is a highlighting powder.

Armani fall 2016 runway palette

Underneath are the eye shadows.

Armani fall 2016 runway palette

The pattern came straight from the floral print on the runway pieces. 

Armani fall 2016

Armani fall 2016 bags

Armani fall 2016 bags

The pattern on my palette can be seen on the left lapel and right sleeve of this jacket.

Armani fall 2016 jacket(images from

And because I'm obsessed with finding the exact pattern, I cropped and rotated the lapel so you can see precisely where it is.

Armani fall 2016 palette and pattern

As you can see from the stock photo below, the pattern on the palette I received is markedly different.

Armani fall 2016 runway palette(image from

And I noticed the palette that Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog reviewed also has a different pattern.  I wonder if there are just 3 versions or if every single one has a unique swath of fabric.  In any case, these variations are what compelled me to buy it.  Not only was the print the same on each palette from the last two seasons, I couldn't really even match it exactly to the prints from the runway.  They looked like watered down interpretations of the designs, not actual reproductions.  Fortunately (and unfortunately for my wallet, as this was a pricey one) Armani's fall 2016 offering was way more interesting from a collectible standpoint.  :)

What do you think?  Have you seen these palettes in person or do you plan on purchasing?  I'm so curious to know if they're all different!



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Hmm... interesting. Thanks for telling us about this.

MM Curator

It is! I found another photo this morning of the backstage before the Armani runway show, and the palettes shown there had different patterns too.
Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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