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Curator's Corner, 3/6/2016

I'm going to Disney World!

No, really, I am - leaving tonight and spending a few days at Disney with the family!  I can't wait to take my niece and nephew around the various parks...and to carry this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag from his Alice in Wonderland collection (yes, I admit I bought it just for this adventure, and I got my mom this bag and coin purse so she will also be appropriately accessorized for our trip.  Too cute!)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland bag

Anyway, there won't be any posts this week (and there was no Curator's Corner this past weekend because I was too busy freaking out about what makeup to pack, obviously) but I'll be back next week.  In the meantime, you can check out some of my musings on previous Disney-themed collections here, here, here and here.  You can also catch a sneak peek of Sephora's upcoming Minnie Mouse collection here.

Have you been to Disney World recently?  I haven't been to Disney in over 30 years so I'm excited to see all the latest and greatest!



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I was in Disneyworld a few years ago and had a blast! The Disney parks sell exclusive makeup collections with princess packaging which I LOVED. Have fun!

MM Curator

Hi Justine! Sorry I was so late in approving your comment - the publish button didn't seem to work on my phone, which is all I had with me when I was in Disney! I looked everywhere but couldn't find the makeup...nevertheless I had a great time and still bought myself plenty of presents!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Did you come back? Were you kidnapped and have only just found out you are indeed truly a princess?!?

MM Curator

Hi Petunia! I did come back but so wiped out I haven't been able to blog! I haven't even finished unpacking! I wish I were a princess...
Hope all is well with you and thanks so much for stopping by!!

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