Marcel Wanders for Cosme Decorte 2015: The Secret Nymph (and a special holiday surprise!)
MM Curator's picks and pans for 2015

Holiday haul, 2015

In looking at this picture of my holiday beauty haul I realized it's very lip product heavy - only a scant 3 eye products and an eyeliner brush made it in.  The rest of the color items are all lip stuff.  There's a lot of Shu given that they had a nice 25% off friends and family sale a little while ago.  So far I have tried out a few things.  I'm completely in love LUSH Peeping Santa bubble bars (top right) since it's identical to my favorite LUSH product of all time, Magic Mushrooms.  Needless to say I'm hoarding about 20 of them!  I also tried out the Elemis dry brush (lower right) this morning and I swear my skin is smoother already. 

Holiday beauty haul 2015

Here are the lipsticks.  From left to right: Estée Lauder Shameless Violet (still on my fall purple lip kick), Bobbi Brown Red Velvet and Retro Red Luxe Lipsticks (I loved my Parisian Red so much I had to get more of this formula, as it's seriously amazing!  Long-lasting with no feathering and stays comfortable all day - no drying out my lips), Bobbi Brown Lady Ruba (I'm also on a hot fiery orange-red kick.  The formula this comes in isn't as good as the Luxe one but it's a beautiful color), Shu Avenue Sunset Rouge Unlimited lipstick, Tom Ford lipsticks in Hiro and Demsey, and Shu CR 310 Rouge Unlimited. 

Holiday beauty haul 2015

Holiday beauty haul 2015

Chanel Complice eye shadow (can't wait to see how it compares to my go-to all-over eye shadow wash, Stila Kitten) and Stila Smokey Quartz cushion liner.

Holiday beauty haul 2015

Now that I've taken photos, I have to get to trying out everything!

What did you haul for the holiday season?  Anything you're loving?



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