Curator's Corner, 11/15/2015
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There's "snow" beauty like Maquillage

I meant to snap up the Snow Beauty powder from Shiseido's Maquillage line when it was released for the 2014 holiday season, then ended up completely dropping the ball.  This year when I saw the powder was returning I was determined not to miss out.  (You can see a full review of the 2014 powder over at the excellent Silverkis' World).  While the 2015 powder is similar to last year's, there are a couple of additional touches that, in my opinion, make it even prettier.  The Snow Beauty powders have a different design each year centered on "moments of beautiful snow" taken from all over the globe.  This year's theme is Night Snow Flower, which features "snow flowers dancing in the sky of Nordic Finland" and is based on the 24-hour period of darkness that occurs once a year:  "This city has a night called Polar Night where the sun does not rise all day.  A moment of magical snow flowers illuminating the deepest night sky is captured in the compact."  I'm not sure whether the description meant "country" and not "city", as Finland is a country, but at least there was an attempt to describe the inspiration behind the pattern.  Or perhaps the "city" is in fact Helsinki, since it's referenced in the short film Shiseido created to go along with the compact's release.  (Alas, I couldn't fully understand it since it's in Japanese, and Google Translate was, once again, no help when I plugged in the film's description...something about an abominable snowman?!)

Maquillage Snow Beauty 2015

I know the outer casing is plastic but the rest of the compact is metal, so it's a nice substantial weight that doesn't feel or look cheap.  The snowflake pattern is just lovely and the large snowflake at the top has a subtle aurora borealis finish that catches the light beautifully.  It also reminds me of Dior's Cristal Boreal pendant from 2009.

Maquillage Snow Beauty 2015

The puff is adorned with a cute little golden snowflake.

Maquillage Snow Beauty 2015

Whereas last year's Snow Beauty only had the Maquillage name engraved in the powder, this year's version spells out the product name with a smattering of snowflakes.

Maquillage Snow Beauty 2015

All in all, a great addition to the holiday exhibition lineup.  :)  What do you think?  And can you help me figure out what the film was about?






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Ahem, from my years of drama watching (which was interfering because the girl Nikaido Fumi always appears in those psycho killer movies and the guys always plays psycho stalker in random dramas I watched) what I under stand is the young girl Yukimi. while using her mom's makeup, was told (by the teen that apparently jumped out of the compact)about a story of midsummer snowfall.

In the film, the girl in the Helsinki bar was being asked out by the dork several times. She refused because there is already someone she fancied (but never confessed the love to). Well, the dork was saying something about the snowwoman how they can't fall in love (wait, I think I am making things up here). Anyway, the talked about the pocket watch from his family, which passed away 20 years ago. Blah, blah blah...And it appears that Fumi was playing the snowwoman because she always turns things icy...

When they finally went on an on-site date (because the girl can't take heat?). She saw her love interest being featured on TV...Naturally, she immediately ditched the dork and ran out to the beach (and suffering from heat stroke on the way)to look for her love. Now, the snow suddenly appeared in the middle of summer saving her life. This was when she saw her love interest married with a daughter.

As soon as she got home, she found the puddle of water and the guys belonging on the floor. Well, I guess the guy is a snowman (???) and had just sacrificed his life for the girl...Just when she was about to cry, the guy walked out, with change of clothes and

"Phew, luckily (I am?) only halfie!" (he just spilled the shaved ice on the floor)

So, to the best of my knowledge/guessing, Shiseido is going deadpan for this film... Very cold indeed...

MM Curator

Whoa! Thank you so much for typing out all that!! I sort of get it now, but it's still a little murky, LOL. I so appreciate you taking the time to give your explanation! I guess it's not supposed to make perfect sense anyway...still an interesting film!
Thanks so much again, I always look forward to your comments!!

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