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Curator's Corner, 4/26/2014

CC logoLinks for the week. 

- If you're not up for reading the full history of Estée Lauder, Beautylish provides a brief overview of the brand.  Bellasugar also got in on the cosmetics history action by writing up a short piece tracing lipstick's origins thousands of years ago to the present day.

- I'll be featuring her work in a few weeks, but for right now check out artist and doula Susan Merrick's enlightening account of going makeup-free for a full month

- Remember that fancy gold facial I mentioned on Curator's Corner a while ago?  Some lucky editors at Refinery29 got to check it out.  Between this and testing out gold nail polish I'm very interested in knowing whether they're hiring. 

- Loved this parody of Dove's "Real Beauty" commercials

- The gluten-free trend spread from food to makeup a few years ago, but by and large was limited to more indie, lesser-known companies.  I'm pleased to report that mainstream brand Vincent Longo is hopping on the bandwagon and reformulating some of their products to be gluten-free. 

- Via Bust, I learned of an interesting art project that combines the ideas of identity, makeup and empowerment

- WWD reports that Lancome will be collaborating with three Paris designers to create limited edition couture makeup bags, debuting in June.  Of course, the article is behind a paywall but you can read the full scoop at Yahoo.  While these bags are too pricey for me ($500-$1,500) I love the idea of a couture makeup pouch!

- Speaking of the City of Light, Into the Gloss profiles a Paris beauty boutique that sounds right up my alley - vintage-inspired (and I mean vintage - think early 1800s), gorgeously packaged goods with natural, fresh ingredients that you can mix and match.

- These new enamel compact mirrors produced in Birmingham, England's Jewellery Quarter are so lovely.  If you're looking for a Mother's Day gift one of these would be perfect!  Or you could just treat yourself.  ;)

The random:

- Today is Berlin's Museum Marathon!  Some very energetic folks will visit 26 museums throughout the city.  This is such an awesome concept, but I'm a little sad the Lipstick Museum isn't on the route.

- I have often wished Andy Warhol were still alive today, as I would have loved to see his take on social media and the digital age (could you imagine his Tweets?!)  While that won't happen, I am comforted by these recently discovered images he created on a computer back in 1985

- I'm pleased to see this Tiny PMS Match project in which Inka Mathews matches everyday objects to Pantone swatches - similar concept to my Color Connections, no?

- I knew all of these 25 things about Kids In the Hall's Brain Candy movie except for two of them!  In other '90s nostalgia, National Geographic will air a 3-night mini-series on the decade in July.  Can't. Wait.

- Lots of news and fun things about pizza.  First, check out this hypnotizing pizza remake of Cinderella's dress.  Next, a photographer snaps photos of pizza in "natural" habitats, a project he dubbed Pizza in the Wild.  Finally, I have two words for you:  pizza cake.

- On the local front, I have to say I burst out laughing when I read this headline, even though I shouldn't have.  Great job, Baltimore!  I just hope similar issues don't plague the Maryland Bacon Festival taking place today at Rash Field.

What's going on with you? 


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