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Curator's Corner, 9/28/2013

CC logoLinks from this week and last. 

- Finally we have a sneak peek and some information on NARS' collaboration with fashion photographer Guy Bourdin.  I have to say the packaging isn't wowing me the way the first glimpse of the Warhol collection did last year, but we'll see.

- Autumn at The Beheld shares some great insights on beauty and grooming, courtesy of her awesome-sounding grandmother.

 - Men in the U.S. aren't ready for cosmetics?  Gee, you don't say.

- I thought Demeter had the market cornered on odd fragrances, but there's another company that's giving them a run for their money with a new toast-scented perfume.  I'm incredibly curious to know if it actually does smell like toast and how it would work with my body chemistry.  

- Yikes!  Glad we've done away with radiation-infused bath salts and other lethal beauty products.  Then again, nowadays some people (myself included) are having a botulism-based substance injected into their faces...which I'm sure in another few decades will seem completely insane.

The random:

- Vindication!  I've always known afternoon naps are completely necessary!

- Google turned 15 yesterday.  In related news, I am ancient.

- Oooh, an exhibition devoted to pizza!

- Finally, we welcomed another addition to our treasured plushie family. 


At first the others were a little afraid, then realized he wasn't spooky at all - just another cuddly ball of fluff who also loves cookies!

How was your week?


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