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Curator's Corner, 3/16/2013

Quick post: Mad Men for Estee Lauder, continued

I was a tad underwhelmed by Estée Lauder's collection in collaboration with the TV hit Mad Men last year.  I had high hopes for the second installment of this collaboration this year.  While it's a bit improved design-wise and includes 3 pieces instead of two, I still feel it's fairly unimaginative.

The collection consists of a lipstick in Pinkadelic, nail polish in Pink Paisley, and blush in Light Show, which comes in an enameled compact that is a "replica of actual designs from Estee Lauder's '60s era collections."

(image from

I think the pattern evokes late '60s psychedelia and I love the retro shape of the nail polish bottle.  However, it's maddening (haha) that nowhere in the advertising campaign does Estée Lauder show the original design.  I can't be the only person who would like to see it, and I'm sure Estée has it in their archives somewhere if this really is a replica.  Since they're not revealing it, I question their claim that the pattern is an authentic vintage Estée print.  Seeing the original would definitely make me want to purchase the compact.  Without it though, this seems to be a weak attempt to make what's possibly a brand new design appear to have a connection to the company's history - it's just smoke and mirrors.

As I said last year, the company could have done more with the Mad Men tie-in.  It's a shame Estée squandered the opportunity. 

What do you think?


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