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February 26, 2013


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Amazing as always. I think the pink paper works. I would sell my soul for the Étude house Ice Cream polish! The pics look great. Have you ever played around with artificial lighting for your photos?

MM Curator

Thank you so much for the kind words! Fortunately you don't have to sell your soul for the Etude House nail polishes - they're about $5 on E-bay (plus shipping). :D And thank you for the photography tip. I haven't tried artificial lighting...I would imagine I'd have to use the flash, and I don't like how that looks (for most objects I use the flash but I prefer natural light for exhibitions). I will look into it though, if it means better pictures! I spent a lot of money on my new camera and I'm damn well going to learn how to use it!!
Thanks again!!


This is awesome. Thanks for putting this together.

MM Curator

You're quite welcome! And thank YOU for stopping by!!

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