Curator's Corner, 1/12/2013
Color Connection #9

Quick post: Tsuyoshi Hirano for Shu travel collection

About two weeks ago I was very disappointed to learn that Shu Uemura was selling Japan-exclusive cleansing oils and palettes designed by Tsuyoshi Hirano.  Perhaps the company's spies noted my despair at not being able to get my hands on them, because a few days later the items were available at the Shu website!  Well, only two of the three oils were for sale, but as Meatloaf sang, two out of three ain't bad.

Here's the Shanghai oil:






The Tokyo cleansing oil:







The Seoul cleansing oil was not available, but I consoled myself with one of the palettes.




With flash:


I couldn't find anything of note on Tsuyoshi Hirano - no interviews, no biography, nothing!  Even stranger is that there is no mention of him at the Shu website. 

If anyone can send me a link to information on the artist I would greatly appreciate it, especially since I will be posting on Shu's Unmask/Blossom Dream spring 2013 collection, which also includes Hirano's illustrations.


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You can find his official website at

Japanese blog:


His name in Japanese characters is 平野傑 (useful for googling).

Hope that helps!

MM Curator

Thank you so much for the info!! It's funny, I actually did visit his website (I included pictures from it in my previous post on the cleansing oils) but the biography for him there didn't have much information, and only 1 sentence about his artistic style...but I totally didn't see his blog! I will definitely have to check it out and see if he writes about his aesthetic, influences, etc.
Thanks so much again, that was so helpful!!


There is a small blurb on him on the Unmask collection page on the Shu Uemura Japan website:

It basically says that he was born in 1968 in Osaka and is now active in Tokyo and Paris. He is acclaimed for his highly expressive paintings that contain the themes of 'peace', 'love', 'happy' and 'smile'. He has collaborated with Cartier, Shiseido, Issey Miyake, Celine, Le Monde etc and has many paintings displayed in a Fukuoka hotel, With The Style Fukuoka. There is a Japanese article on a live painting event by him here:


Great idea to use art on skincare items, they make your daily routine a little less drab, and these funky designs are perfect!
Eh, all brands should make LE packaging a little more easily accessible I think, and.. obviously I'm not talking about MAC here *ahem*!


MM Curator

Thank you so much!! See, I don't understand why all this info wasn't at the U.S. Shu website! Or at their's frustrating. But thank you for finding these sources for me!!

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