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Curator's Corner, 1/12/2013

CC logoThis week's links.

- So excited for new Arrested Development coming in May!

- But I am not excited for this fork that measures your every bite.  That's pure fuel for an eating disorder.  :(

- Baltimore is apparently *hiccup* one of the nation's drunkest cities

- USPS releases some modern art stamps in honor of the Armory Show's 100th anniversary.

- Speaking of modern art, this is a show I want to see.

- Also speaking of anniversaries, the London tube turns 150.

- Bobbi Brown designed a hot pink skateboard for "social marketplace startup" (whatever the hell that is) The Cools.

- Beauty Crazed in Canada brought my attention to these amazing sculptures made of Shiseido's best-selling facial cotton.

- Attention potheads:  there is now a line of weed-based skincare products. (via beautyhigh - ha!)

How was your week?  What was catching your eye?


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