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Curator's Corner, 10/6/2012

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- I don't know how I missed the original call for submissions, but Lipglossipping had an awesome contest where you could submit your interpretation of Paris using beauty products.   There were some truly amazing ideas.

- So many of these food theme days!  Monday we had National Homemade Cookie Day, and Thursday was both National Taco Day and National Vodka Day.  And as I mentioned last year, this whole month is National Pizza Month.

- How pretty is the packaging for this new vegan hair care line?  Pretty bird, pretty bird.

- ABBA is getting their very own museum.  High time, methinks.

- Here's something I didn't think of collecting:  vintage beauty books.  This one from the '70s sounds particularly juicy. 

- So bummed!!  The founder of my favorite clothing store in the whole wide world (seriously, I've been in their stores in no fewer than 4 countries and have posted about it here, here, and here) made a racist, xenophobic  comment.  :(  How incredibly disappointing for huge fans such as myself.

- On the lighter side, here's a handy guide to everything you need to know about the new season of Arrested Development.  You can also win a chance to be one of six lucky walk-ons!

- Halloween's coming and there are so many scary movies I want to see.  VHS, Sinister, Paranormal Activity 4 are at the top of my list, plus ones that have been out for a while (Human Centipede 2, Cabin in the Woods, The Apparition and The Possession). 

- It's finally feeling like fall here, so Museum Advisory Committee member Sailor Babo wishes everyone a happy decorative gourd season.

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