Paul & Joe fall 2012 collection, part 1: tweeeeeeet!
Curator's Corner, 9/22/2012

Paul & Joe fall 2012 collection, part 2: lip-tacular

The second part of Paul & Joe's fall 2012 collection was the release of new paper lipstick cases.  They're sold empty so you can put your favorite Paul & Joe lipstick into your favorite case.  Pretty nifty idea!  I just got them empty since I'm only interested in the packaging and won't actually be using them as lipsticks.


The first case features a melange of grey doves, pink and purple flowers and blue and grey swirls on a white background.


The next one has a showy floral pattern in white, green and bright fuchsia.


You know Sophie couldn't resist having at least one of these cases be cats, right? 


I love this one - pink and ivory flowers with tassel tendrils against a baby blue background.


Finally, another cat.  Well, a precious-looking kitten.


The initials that appeared on the brushes with the Collection Sparkles items are also here on the lipstick cap:


While I think the paper cases are a great idea, some people want a case that's a bit sturdier.  So Paul & Joe created this retro-looking refillable metal case.  I have no idea how they got that shade, but it's an absolutely dead-on '50s mint green.  Plus the ridges seem more authentic than the lipstick cases from Estée Lauder's paltry Mad Men collection.


I also love how they worked the iconic Paul & Joe chrysanthemum into the cap:


But the 10-year anniversary celebration isn't over yet!  There was also this pretty set, consisting of a pouch, pressed powder, blush, blotting sheets and eye shadows.   I didn't purchase it given the designs were the same on all the products and I didn't want all of them. 

(image from

So that concludes all the goodies from Paul & Joe fall.  Did you like the Collection Sparkles or the lipstick cases more?  And which has your favorite design out of all?


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