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GIVEAWAY: MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder

Do you have the winter blues?  Are you tired of these dark, cold days and wishing for a little pick-me-up?  If so, enter to win a taste of summer!  I'm using Rafflecopter to give away one MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder to a lucky winner! 

Mac my paradise box

My paradise closed

MAC my paradise open


Photo 2

With flash:

With flash

My Paradise is from MAC's summer 2011 Surf, Baby! collection.  It's a beautiful peachy-coral shade with a gold hibiscus overspray.   In case you're wondering, here's the backstory:  I procured two of these last year - as a collector I was panicking that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on one, so after convincing myself that MAC was going to cancel my order, I ordered one from Nordstrom as well just to be safe.  Well, MAC didn't cancel my order and so I ended up with two.  (And was too lazy to return or E-bay it - my laziness is your gain!) 

The winner will be announced next Wednesday, Feb. 1.  Good luck!

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L. Michelle

What a great giveaway! I haven't had the opportunity to use MAC personally (except for when I do photoshoots, I think my MUA uses MAC), so I would love to win!


Great giveaway! And thanks for being such an inspiration - I have tonnes of beautiful makeup that I never had the heart to use, and as I grow my collection, I am working towards one day when I will have my own little museum too!:)


I regretted not buying this last summer. For me this was the best collection MAC had last year.

MM Curator

Haha, I think I still like To the Beach from 2010 more, but I did like Surf, Baby! too. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

MM Curator

Sunikins, thanks for your comment! And I'd love to see more makeup museums out there. :)

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