Curator's Corner, 9/3/2011
Mega-pixelated: Clarins 3D palette

Quick post: Tortoiseshell from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown's Tortoiseshell collection came out over a month ago, but since I tend to be like a tortoise myself in terms of getting posts up when the collection is actually new, I'm talking about it now.  I just adore tortoiseshell for fall and I don't think it's ever been used in makeup packaging.

BB tortoise

To use this material for brush handles is genius:


As with the fall 2009 Ivy League collection, this collection's ads leans a bit nerdy and academic so of course I love it.  The model is sporting glasses (with tortoiseshell rims, naturally)! Apparently they're based on Bobbi's own tortoiseshell frames.

BB glasses
(images from and

And there's even a whole tutorial on how to do your eye makeup with specs.  While I'm not a big fan of makeup "rules", I do like that Bobbi recognized that there is a great legion of bespectacled ladies out there who could use a basic guide. 

Bb glasses tips
(image from

I didn't buy anything from this collection, but rest assured that if I didn't have a slew of brushes already and was actually into palettes, I'd be all over it.  What did you buy from it or are planning to buy?


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